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Garden State Gold Buyers and Jewelers has been around since 2005 serving the entire east coast. Our success has always been based on treating our clients with respect and always paying them the fair market price based on the highest, up to the minute, gold prices.

Many gold buyers claim to be the best, the largest, or to pay the highest prices. You and I know that most of those claims are just “advertising hype” or “lies,” made by the same buyers who will probably pay you just pennies on the dollar. WE WILL BEAT THEIR PRICE. Do not take it from us check out what our clients our saying about us. We at  Garden State Jewelers refine all of our own metals and are therefore able to pay 20% higher than our competitors on all Gold, Silver, and Platinum. When you come to Garden State Jewelers you cut out the middle man.

GSJ provides  a safe and private setting to sell your precious metals. With the value of gold at an all time high, many people do not know where to go to sell their old, used, and broken jewelry. Garden State Jewelers will set up a private, no commitment consultation where you can have your metals evaluated without the pressure to sell. It is our responsibility to ensure the comfort of the clients, in addition to allowing the appropriate time to conduct the sale in complete accordance with the various and complicated NJ and MD State Laws.

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