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When deciding between quality and price, always choose both.

misc2Sell with Confidence

The more comfortable a seller is, the better position they are to walk away happy. We offer a comfortable and inviting location, explain the process in detail, and offer an instant cash payout that is higher than any competition.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable, worry-free, hassle-free exchange. We offer friendly customer service and pay the highest prices for your gold guaranteed.  All exchanges take place in a face to face format, thereby ensuring the comfort of the customer throughout the entire process.

110% Price Guarantee

We pay the highest prices for gold in the area, and we proudly back our payouts with a 110% Price Guarantee. If you find a payout higher than ours, we will match that price plus pay you an additional 10% of the difference!

Honest Legal Transaction

As Proud NJ Licensed Precious Metals Buyers, we are committed to making your transaction transparent, honest and fair. To determine the correct value of your items we maintain state-of-the-art scales that are certified and calibrated by the State of New Jersey. We have no minimum weight requirements, and everything is recorded to the utmost legal specifications. With the state law constantly changing, it is becoming increasingly more important be be positive that you are selling to a reliable source

Personal Information Is Confidential

We do not share, sell or trade any personal information collected by our company with third parties for promotional purposes.

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